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McCullough Gulch where Spruce Tips Come From
Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal


The Circle of Spruce Healing

is finally complete!

   The first half of the Circle involved bringing the Forest to the People in the form of our modern spin on an ancient blend for healing dry, cracked skin. Thankfully, Spru-Seal® Organic Spruce Balms work supremely well, smell divine, and you all LOVE it!

     The second half of the Circle is focused on bringing the People back to the Forest and further strengthening the Human-Forest Connection.

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Can't Join Us in
the Forest?

Your financial contribution helps our

Methodically Nomadic Fire Mitigation Technicians spend more days protecting more acres of Forest by returning more compostable, fire hazardous "ladder fuels" to the ground, nourishing the future Forest floor!


Thank you tree-mendously for your donation!

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