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Uniform, Boots & Clothing

Look Better, Feel Better, Work Better

Dressed for success and an official impression of belonging in the Forest.

Look out for our groups of

"Golden Brown" Spruce Healers:

Each person will be given an outfit of the following clothing items:

  • 7 Gold T-shirts

  • 3 Gold Long-sleeve Button-downs

  • 1 Gold & 1 Brown Hoodie

  • 1 Gold Beanie

  • 1 Brown Ballcap 

  • 2 Work Pants

  • 1 Lace-up Work/Logging Boots

  • 7 Socks & 7 Undergarments

  • 1 Leather Belt

Season Total ~ $676​

​Winter add-ons:

  • Puffy, Canvas Vest, Mittens

  • Waterproof pants, gators

  • Long underwear, wool socks 

Maybe $1200 for a full year's attire

camping gear icons.jpg

Food & Drink

Breakfast, Snacks, Dinner, Coffee

What are your favorite camping meals?

Once a week, I'd like to bring donated meals to the group as a way to bolster our efforts with Community support.

Donated steaks and groceries will be much appreciated; otherwise, we figure for about $550/month + $55 in fuel


we can keep each person well fed and hydrated day in and day out,

June to October. In coming years, I'd like to see the season starting in March at lower elevations, and eventually operating year-round in different regions, with vacation retreats and breaks mostly during the coldest stretches of wintertime.

Fuel should go far enough for regular, warm showers, too!

Season Total ~ $3360/person


I envision there being a hunter's camp style canvas kitchen tent where the meal prep, cooking and gathering for meals can take place.

camping gear icons.jpg

Equipment & Gear

Tools & Equipment per Person

  • 1 Hatchet: basically the only tool we need to clear ladder fuels.

  • 1 or 2 Gloves per season to gather limbs into piles (light work)

  • 1 Chainsaw (select individuals) as we expand into felling & bucking all the dead-standing beetle-kill  (+ chains, oils, fuel).

  • Zero-degree sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad & camp chair

  • 100% Wool Blanket

  • 1 Tent (canvas or lightweight)

  • Paracord

  • Headlamp & AAA batteries

  • Water filter, water bottle

  • Biodegradable Spru-Soap, wash cloth, towel

  • 2 Tarps for above & below shelter

  • Personal camping stove set

  • Bulk water storage and group-size cooking utensils

  • First aid, gauze, bandages, splints

What did I miss? 

ALL of these items will make EXCELLENT donation items.

Direct Your Donation

Our current plan is to fully outfit, equip and feed all of our "Golden Brown" Spruce Healers,

thanks to  generous donations, along with 10% of all Forage It! Brands sales

and 50% of all Spruce Healing Initiative merchandise so that the Forest Service grant funds

can be directed entirely toward compensation for wildfire fuels reduction,

which is in dire need throughout the Public Forest lands.

Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal

Donate Now

Help us give back to the Forest!


Thank you tree-mendously for believing in the Spruce Healing Mission!

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