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Finally Hitting Denver with Boots on the Ground

On Sunday November 5th, after an anxious, several-months-long build-up to finally diving into the idea head first, JD accomplished the inaugural Spruce Healing Mission into the heart of the Rocky Mountain region's biggest metropolitan area, Denver, to poll the city-dwelling Nomads as to whether they'd prefer to continue living on the City Streets or, if we can provide them food, uniform and a way to earn an income, would they prefer to live in the Forest?

The results were unanimous for Living in the Forest.

JD scours the streets, handing out business cards with a sample of each Spru-Seal® blend attached by a rubber band.

Two Spru-Seal Spruce Lip Balms attached to contact card by rubber band
Spru-Seal Sample Packet

He explains as succinctly as he can manage that we're able to forage plenty of spruce resin to make the wild-foraged organic balms along the way but that the main focus is to clear all the dead, lower branches ("ladder fuels") and eventually even all the dead-standing beetle-kill in a methodical, nomadic fashion through the Forests before their abundance is all burnt to a crisp.

You might think that the main concern would be, "Where will we live?" and you'd be almost correct.

The main question asked was, "Will we be *allowed* to live out there and do what you're proposing?"

Basically, the answer to that question is "Yes, on the condition that we behave ourselves, don't make a mess and do what we say." It will be abundantly evident as to whether the work is being accomplished, 1, if we're leaving the Forest cleaner than we find it, 2, and 3, accountability for workmanship and payout will be a Community effort.

The Colorado State Forest Service has funds to match anything we can raise via and Donations and 10% of all revenues generated by the Forage It! Brands.

Check out the inaugural video of the Spruce Healing Initiative YouTube Channel and a 60 sec edit of the very first encounter, which sounds a whole lot like the first Spruce Healing Nomad recruit, to boot!

Cheers to doing the thing that you know you need to do even though it makes you nervous!

Thank you, as always, tree-mendously for supporting the mission to craft a more resilient modern Forest and Society for USAll.

We are a part of it all, not apart from it at all.
Spruce Healing Initiative Motto

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