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Alapino® Alabama Pine Syrup is the newest addition to the expanding Forage It! Brandship, as we return to our founder's roots in Alabama after over a decade spent in the Colorado high country, where it all began.


The result is a boldy sweet and almost spicy, earthy lemon-lime flavored syrup.


Every pine species is unique, and our Southern Loblolley Pines yield a syrup that takes the taster for a gustatory journey from instantly sweet and high notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves before the spicy notes kick a short blast of heat when the bolder sweetness returns to sweep away any fear of spiciness, leaving the tongue and the entire mouth with the undeniably delightful tingle of Umami.


Try it in a frosted glass for a refreshing  

AlapinoSoda® -- 

1 oz of Alapino® Syrup

11 oz of San Pelegrino or SodaStream® or your preferred fizzy water


Hot (Pine) Cone-coa

0.5 oz Alapino® Syrup

1.25 cup hot whole milk

1 tsp cocoa powder

(optional) .5 tsp Hamilton's Mushroom Powder

Whisk to foamy surface.


The Bama Bonfire

.75 oz Alapino® Syrup

2 oz Breckenridge Bourbon

Soda Water stirred over ice

in cocktail glass.



1 oz Alapino® Syrup

3 oz Breckenridge Gin


Alapinold Fashioned

.5 oz Alapino® Syrup

1 shot Breckenridge Bourbon

Dashes of Breckenridge Distillery Bitters

1 shot Sweet Vermouth

Served in cocktail glass over large ice block and garnished with a roller-pressed sprig of pine (or spruce) needles.


Enjoy drizzled over cheese, ice cream, in cocktails & mocktails, as a glaze for meat, fish & wild game or as a maple syrup replacement for a more regional "treet" over your next batch of pancakes or waffles!


Alapino® Syrup was conceived as a next tangible and highly marketable -- prized, even -- step along the journey towards a fully-fledged wild-foraged product brandship spanning the United States from coast to coast and beyond! We aim to provide quality, organic, sustainable, pure delights for Forest lovers like you.


When something doesn't readily exist that you believe should be available to One & All, take that as your sign to "GO FORage IT," and make it so!


That's our philosophy, and we're proud to be bringing not only Ancient Forest goods to Modern People, but also to be bringing the People back into the Forest, where Humans once roamed and maintained the abundant but delicate land much as an organic farmer or a rancher stewards their land today.


It's time for USAll to reunite with Our Land and with One Another, evaluating every choice we make today based on its consequences for generations to come.


Join us for a daytrip foray, or join our semi-nomadic groups of dedicated good folks, who are rejuvenating themselves and the Forest, getting a fresh start doing rewarding & thereapeutic wildfire risk reduction work in the Forest that surrounds our mountain towns like a vast sea surrounds all the little islands of Civilization.


Sign up for foraging forays & wildfire mitigation cookouts at

Alapino® Syrup

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