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Spru-Seal Spruce Cone Blue Needles



Made specifically to boost funding for the Spruce Healing Initiative to end Veteran homelessness and clear the National Forests of wildfire hazards in one fell swoop!


Available in ALL SIZES


Kinco mittens are excellent for staying warm out on the slopes or out on the trail. 


THE mountain town local's CHOICE mitten for winter hand protection.


But you MUST seal them for full protection from the winter elements.


Nowadays, you have to BE CAREFUL which waterproofing agents you use. SO MUCH modern wax contains PFAS and other toxic forever chemicals that can enter your body on contact, not to mention the headwaters runoff come springtime. 


For years, I've personally used Spru-Seal® Honey-Hoba® Body Buttered Kinco® mittens whenever I snowboard or spend the day out in the snowy woods for a mid-winter spruce resin foray.


We focus on thoroughly sealing any and all seams in particular, which makes all the difference in the world for the best water-proofing effectiveness.


By bringing more of the Forest to the People and more People back into the Forest, we're aiming to craft healthier alpine forests for healthier headwaters and healthier ecosystems all the way downstream to the oceans, leaving every island of Civilization healthier along the way.


Re-seal over the years with Spru-Seal® Honey-Hoba® Body Butter as needed!

(2 oz. tin INCLUDED!) 


With use over time, these mittens are likely to become the softest, most plush leather product you own...and cherish.


We sincerely cherish your support and wish you warmth and fun times outside this winter.

Spru-Seal® Waterproofed Kinco Leather Mittens

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