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Spru-Seal Spruce Cone Blue Needles



SPRU-SEAL to Spruce Heal


Show your support for the brand and the mission to reunite the People and the Forest!


Soft, flex fabric feels fabulous, and the moulange color threading variation looks stylish for a great wear around town to show your support for natural healing and reconnection with the Land.


Thank you TREE-MENDOUSLY for your support!

Spruce Healing T-Shirt (Forest Green)

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
  • L & XL in stock on lock. S, M & XXL are available for special order! 

    L size fits most medium, average sized American men

    XL fits tall American men, 5-11 to 6-2


    Taller or bigger men need an XXL special  order.

    Smaller people don't hesitate to order your size! 

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